The shack

  • Emotional
  • Inspiring
  • Life-changing

A grieving man journeys into the wilderness in hopes of finding solace. What he encounters will change his life forever.

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The film has a very tragic start, Mack's life is shattered when their youngest child Missy disappears during a camping trip while he is saving Kate and Josh (his other two children) during a canoeing accident. The tragedy derails Mack's faith and life until he receives an unstamped, typewritten note inviting him to meet at the shack.

This is where he meets God, Jesus, The Holy Spirit & and a character called Wisdom. The purpose of their visit is to help Mack better understand his life as seen from a much broader context or higher perspective, the goal being to help free him from an inclination to pass judgment upon himself and others, and to help heal himself and his family after Missy's death.

The part of the film, which is most effective, is when Mack goes to meet Wisdom in the cave. It is so easy for us to blame God for all the wrongs of the world and we are so quick to judge. This scene flips the scenario on its head and puts Mack as the judge and his two children Kate and Josh before him, giving him the option to send one to Heaven and one to Hell for the simple human mistakes they have made in life. Naturally he can’t do that because he loves them so much. It illustrates that we are all Gods children and no matter what we’ve done in life, God loves us and doesn’t want to judge or punish us, he wants to set us free of our sins and to form a close relationship with him

A very interesting quote from the film and we should all take reference to:

Mack “You don’t fit all that religious stuff I was taught?”
Jesus “Religion is way too much work, I don’t want slaves, I want friends and family to share life with.”

The biggest leap for any Christian’s imagination or anyone’s for that matter, is what could Heaven possible be like? What is God like? Will I meet Jesus? The Shack paints a wonderful picture.

Albeit a very sad and dramatic storyline, this film will open up your imagination and impact your thoughts if you will allow it too.

"Religion is way too much work,
I don’t want slaves,
I want friends and family
to share life with."