Miracles of the lord


One of my most inspiring testimonies to happen to me was in 1997. I was diagnosed with chrones disease whilst I was pregnant. When the Doctors told I wasn't going to be able to give birth to my child because they where trying to save my life and the medication would basically far too harmful. At that very point I heard the voice of God, whilst I lay in my hospital bed, saying as clear as day "have faith to believe I'll pull you and your little girl through".

The Doctors had no clue what the gender of my baby was, however, now I did because God had spoken to me. When I told the Doctors that I was going to have a little girl and the medication would not effect her, they said "impossible, we're trying to save your life".

I had been raised in Pentecostal churches as my Aunt was a pastor, so I had grown up with a strong faith. My Aunt and my mother were in the hospital room with me, they were both crying at the end of my bed. I asked them "why are you crying?", to which they replied "your dieing!" I said 'no, I'm just beginning to live, I have heard the voice of the Lord.

Well, my daughter is a healthy 19 year old, who is a devoted Christian of God and knows the bible inside out. I have kept the faith since 97 knowing I would be healed and the Doctors have not diagnosed the chrones disease again to this date.

We are both very spirit filled Christians and Jesus Christ lives in the both of us. We minister, feed the hungry, encourage, motivate and inspire many people, whilst we are on the road supporting close friends that motivational speak.

I've seen Angels and experienced so many things with our lord and savior Jesus Christ. I am eternally thankful and feel truly blessed to know where our joy and inner peace belong.

Me and my daughter are a close team and love pouring our Christian souls into others and we've grown even closer since the recent death of my parents.

The moral of my story is, listen to God in whatever situation you find yourself in and always keep the faith. Thank you and Godbless.