Lights to guide the way

In this section, you will find a collection of Christian and faith driven films to motivate and inspire you on your journey.

The Passion of The Christ

The final twelve hours of Jesus Christ's life, on the day of His crucifixion. This is one of the most important films you will ever watch.

I can only imagine

Like many people in this world, Bart’s childhood was very tough and full of tragic circumstances. His dad beats him, his mom moves out, and he’s desperately searching for things to hold on to as he grows into an adult.

God's not dead

A thought provoking battle between atheist science and the acceptance of God. The philosophy teacher, Jeffrey Radisson, tries to persuade his class to sign a declaration that God is dead and never existed in order to pass their course.

The shack

A grieving man journeys into the wilderness in hopes of finding solace. What he encounters will change his life forever.

Miracles from Heaven

When her daughter is diagnosed with a terminal illness, devout mom Christy suffers a crisis of faith as she fights desperately to save her little girl.

The Chosen

The Chosen represents the life of Jesus Christ and his disciples as a multi-season drama with imaginative character backstories and interpersonal conflicts.