Miracles from Heaven

  • Emotional
  • Miracle
  • True-story

When her daughter is diagnosed with a terminal illness, devout mom Christy suffers a crises of faith as she fights desperately to save her little girl.

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Tissues at the ready… This heart wrenching true story of a little girl from Texas, Annabel Beam, who has a near-death experience, and was later cured of an incurable disease.

When Annabel was five years old, she was diagnosed with pseudo-obstruction motility disorder, a rare and incurable syndrome that makes it impossible for the body to process food efficiently.

Through her Mum’s grit and determination, Christy Beam makes sure they find the best medical care for her daughter no matter what it takes, or how far they have to go. Annabel suffered for a long time, needing to take 10 different medications a day and not being able to live a normal life, plus the underlying prospect of not living a full life.

However, something remarkable happened. When she was discharged from hospital, Annabel was playing with her sisters, but accidentally fell headfirst into the hollow of a tree in her family's front yard. She was trapped in the tree for over 5 hrs, and in this time she visited heaven and met Jesus. When they finally got her to safety and in the hospital, Annabel's pain and suffering had vanished completely.

Today, doctors cannot find any trace of the illness. Life is full of little miracles that we don’t often see or hear about. Throughout the story, it demonstrates random acts of kindness when we are in times of need. These are equally little miracles from heaven.

Like many true stories, they fall under scrutiny from the public eye and people have even suggested that it was all just a publicity stunt. There is way more than enough evidence from this story, that it is truly, a miracle from Heaven and should be shared far and wide to keep the faith alive.

"Not everyone is going to believe,but that’s okay,
they’ll get there when
they get there"