The sound of faith


Before I came to know the Lord I knew that something was happening in my life. I had some old records which I would play and one of them was titled Why me Lord. I played it every morning as I did my housework. I used to say, what is it God? What do you want from me? I knew He was dealing with me. I continued to be baffled and didn't know what to do.

One afternoon the assistant minister from the church I attended called for a visit. The first thing I blurted out to him was, 'I want to know the Lord'. He told me later, he nearly fell of his chair as he wasn't used to people asking that.

He sat me down and led me to the Lord, as he did my kids who were young at the time, came into the room giggling because I was praying. When he left I flew upstairs, got on my knees next to my bed and asked for the Lords forgiveness.

So simple, yet that is all you have to do to become a child of God! On that day 'I passed from the darkness into the light', 'from hell to eternal life in heaven'. What a gracious and lovely God I have. He loves me more than I could ever imagine, He is my Father. Amen